About Us

The secret to our success in treating our patients efficiently to get quick results is our emphasis on thorough,spesific and accurate DIAGNOSIS. Platinum Physiotherapy offers specialized treatment for all kinds of physical pain including back, neck, shoulder and knee pain.

We treat sports injuries and have successfully helped our clients to get back to their respective sports and lifestyle after injuries and pain. We also treat patients with neurological disabilities like stroke, Parkinson and spinal cord injury to give our clients a chance to take control of their life again. We also provide door to door home physiotherapy for patients and clients who are bed bound or unable to acquire transport to come to our clinic.

Our philosophies acknowledge the critical importance of work and independence, to health and wellbeing. We know that recovering at work, while often difficult, leads to more rapid and sustainable health outcomes. Our approach addresses the range of complexities (medical, psychological, social and financial) that arise in circumstances of resuming independence. We are committed towards excellence in client rehabilitation through a “Goal-Oriented, Time-Limited” approach.


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